Creek’s Edge Winery – Family Portrait Session


June 6, 2018

I slowly drove down the road towards beautiful Creek’s Edge Winery. I couldn’t get over what a great location I’d been blessed with! Suddenly I noticed the clouds rolling in. Though they looked more threatening than originally anticipated, I moved forward, excited for the portrait session. The Cady family were troopers and came prepared with the cutest outfits! Soon after we unpacked, checked lighting and got to know each other a bit, it was time for the fun to begin. Garrett ran around excitedly as we worked quickly, but sweet Daisy took a bit longer to warm up. I loved seeing her tight bond with her dad. Nothing sweeter! But it wasn’t too long after we got the bubbles out that she relaxed and began chasing them around with her parents close by.

Though we all would have loved a few more moments outside the rain couldn’t hold off any longer. Soon great big drops started falling and we all sought cover so I could continue photographing. A quick change for Garrett into his vest and we were good to go! I’m so grateful that the Cadys were so flexible and kind. Made for a fun spring adventure!


Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do, which is a lot!

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