Big Spring Farm Wedding: A Complete Planning Guide


April 26, 2022

Not all wedding venues are created equal. Now, love is the only ingredient for an amazing wedding (fight me on it!) – but then there are those venues. The ones where care and attention are so evident that you can feel it when you step onto the property. The venues where you know each couple’s story will be cherished in its own right; no matter how many events happen there every year. There are wedding venues that have just a little extra magic, and Big Spring Farm is absolutely one of them!

This Lexington wedding venue is crafted around a beautiful lake – a lake that’s actually the biggest natural spring in Virginia! On its shores, the most idyllic farmhouse and barn have been carefully created. This venue is owned and run by a truly wonderful family and their fabulous team: working with them is a delight!

Big Spring Farm: Spaces

Before we get into the details of different aspects of the spaces at Big Spring Farm, let’s look at some key stats:

When you choose to get married at Big Spring Farm, you get the whole property to yourself. The venue has a maximum capacity of 300 guests. That’s with a tent brought in to supplement the indoor space.

Couple holding hands and looking off into the distance in the middle of the green field in Big Spring Farm with the tent behind them

This is a venue that is best for weddings that are on the more intimate side of the spectrum; which is just fine with me! Their packages start at $6,400.

#1 – The Lawn

Most of the ceremonies at Big Spring Farm take place outside on their lawns – and for good reason. Isn’t this place gorgeous?

Bride and groom sharing a kiss in the middle of a vast green field with the sun setting in the horizon behind them, captured by Rachel Yearick Photography

You have a few different options here for how you want to lay out the ceremony site. Choose to set up your altar with the mountains as a backdrop and soak in the most amazing views. One of the most special features of this venue is, of course, the spring-fed lake that gives it its name. You can also choose to orient the ceremony so that you’re saying your vows down by the water – dreamy!

The outdoor space can accommodate a wedding tent up to the 60×90 foot size.

#2 – The Barn

2,200 square feet

150 seated capacity

This is the heart of the Big Spring Farm. This barn was actually taken down in 2010. It was painstakingly and lovingly rebuilt to the most exquisite standard, with an emphasis on natural light and gorgeous details. I love the warm tones of the wooden beams and the wide windows!

Big Spring Farm Wedding: A Complete Planning Guide. Close-up shot of wooden reception table with gold plates, silverware, glasses and plants.

You can expand on the 150-person capacity when you take advantage of the 1,200 square feet of covered space on the open veranda. The amazing thing about this space is that it delivers the aesthetic of a barn wedding with all the luxury and comfort of the most polished venues. That’s hard to find!

#3 – The Patio

4,000 square feet

The barn is surrounded by a patio, which can be used in a number of ways. You could choose to have your wedding reception al fresco, dining under the stars. You could use this space for your cocktail hour; when I steal you away for the giddy moments of your first photos as a married couple. Or – and maybe my favorite! – you can use it as a fun space for your guests to explore and enjoy during the reception.

There are tiki torches, a fire pit, and plenty of seating. It seems like the perfect spot for s’mores. If that’s the kind of vibe you’re going for, or for Old Fashioneds if that’s more your speed! 

When to Get Married at Big Spring Farm

As much of the day will be spent outside, spring and fall are the best times to get married at Big Spring Farm. Summer weddings are gorgeous here, but you just need to be prepared for a little more humidity. Fall weddings are particularly stunning, with all the trees around the lake turning orange and red and gold!

Bride and groom closing their eyes and holding hands during their Big Spring Farm wedding shoot

It’s worth noting that Big Spring Farm accepts bookings at least 1 year – and up to 2 whole years – in advance.


Something that makes planning a Big Spring Farm wedding that little bit easier is their vendor list. This is a list of every kind of vendor – from catering to planners to rentals – that the Big Spring Farm team knows and loves.

Close-up shot of the bride in her gorgeous lace dress covering her face with her pastel floral bouquet, taken by Rachel Yearick Photography

One of the benefits from choosing from their vendor list is that the vendors already know the property. For someone like a florist or a wedding planner, that’s invaluable. They can help you hold vision for the day as you design your concept together.

You can absolutely choose vendors that aren’t on the approved list. However, if you go for a caterer who isn’t on the list, there’s an extra $1,500 fee.


When it comes to the places that you and your guests can stay, you’re in luck! Big Spring Farm is only 10 minutes away from the delightful historical town of Lexington, VA. This has plenty of accommodation options, from hotels like the elegant Georges Inn to the idyllic AirBnB cottage here.

Big Spring Farm Wedding: A Complete Planning Guide. Stunning bride looking at the camera as she poses in front of the barn.

For somewhere even more convenient, check out Big Spring Farm’s own new property – Midland House. This exquisite restored farmhouse is a tone-perfect match for the wider wedding venue; and it is the most romantic little getaway. This would be an incredible spot to get ready in the morning. Not to mention an epic wedding night option, too!

Final Thoughts on Getting Married at Big Spring Farm

As you can probably tell, this venue has captured my attention and my heart. I think it’s such a beautiful place, where natural beauty has met expert curation to create something truly extraordinary. If you’re planning a luxurious barn wedding, definitely check it out!

And for more barn wedding inspiration, take a look at this delightful spring wedding in Purcellville, and be sure to scroll through my blog for even more gorgeous love stories.


Bride and groom sharing a kiss in the middle of a vast green field with the sen setting in the horizon behind them; image overlaid with text that reads Big Spring Farm Wedding A Complete Planning Guide
Bride and groom closing their eyes and holding hands during their Big Spring Farm wedding shoot; image overlaid with text that reads Big Spring Farm Wedding A Complete Wedding Planning Guide

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