What to Look For When Choosing Between Christian Wedding Photographers


October 25, 2022

Christian wedding photographers who are well-versed and experienced in Christian weddings are often highly sought-after because of the importance of the role they play in making your wedding day as special as possible!

The best thing to look out for when choosing between Christian wedding photographers is experience! An experienced Christian wedding photographer has personal insight and understanding of how Christian weddings get conducted and what images to capture.

In this article, we’re going to unpack what to look for when choosing between Christian wedding photographers. And I’m going to share my top five tips for this process! Keep in mind, that the same advice can apply to finding a photographer with any kind of shared values; from faith to aesthetics to lifestyle choices. I hope it’s helpful!

What to Look For When Choosing Between Christian Wedding Photographers

One of the best ways to achieve this is by hiring a wedding photographer that shares the same faith as you do. A traditional Christian wedding has several aspects specific to the Christian faith.

To ensure your wedding runs smoothly and that every essential moment gets captured, it is definitely wise for you to choose one of the more experienced Christian wedding photographers that will have a good understanding of what is expected on the day.

Bride posing in front of venue as her veil sways in the wind, taken by christian wedding photographer Rachel Yearick

For example, photographers that have experience with Christian weddings will understand the typical timeline for this type of wedding and will prepare their own photography timeline to align as well as possible. 

If you’d like to discover more about my photography timeline, you can take a look at my ultimate wedding photography timeline article. In this article, I break down a traditional wedding day timeline in greater detail.

My 5 Tips for Finding and Choosing Between Christian Wedding Photographers 

#1 – Look for Christian Wedding Photographers Near You

If you’re looking for the best Christian wedding photographers near you, one of the best tips I can give you is to ask other Christian wedding vendors in your area for their recommendations.

You could ask your venue, a wedding planner, a stationer, or any other wedding supplier with a good understanding of the various photographers in your area. 

Black and white photo of christian wedding photographer Rachel Yearick smiling while holding her camera

Another great vendor to ask would be a Christian makeup artist as they tend to have very close relationships with photographers and can share their experience of working with them in person.

If your venue is out of town, it might be a good idea to look for Christian wedding photographers closer to your wedding venue. If this is the case, you will definitely want to do more research. You could also ask for recommendations from your venue and other vendors.

#2 – What’s Their Unique Style?

Although Christian wedding photographers share great insight into how to capture Christian weddings, their photography styles can be significantly different.

To help you choose between Christian wedding photographers close to your wedding venue, I suggest that you create a list of potential photographers. From there, you can take some time to look through each Christian wedding photographer’s gallery, blog posts, and social media accounts to find the ones that stand out and suit your dream style.

This is a great way to narrow down your search and find the best wedding photographer for your special day. For instance, do you love timeless photography like what I’m passionate about, or do you want something moody and modern? Classic and formal or candid and photojournalistic? Browse until you find a style you really click with!

#3 – Narrow Your Search Down to Three 

Once you have your list of the most suitable Christian wedding photographers that share your values, share your style, and come highly recommended by other Christian wedding vendors and venues in your area – then, I would suggest narrowing down your search to three.

Bride and groom holding hands and smiling at each other as sun shines in front of them, taken by Rachel Yearick Photography

This will help you from getting overwhelmed with options when it comes to making the final decision. This also keeps the number of meetings and discussions you need to have with wedding photographers to the bare minimum.

#4 -Do Your Research

I hate to say it, but there are some folks out there claiming to be professional Christian wedding photographers. But in reality, they’re actually amateurs that have grabbed other photographers’ images to use as their own while they get their own business off the ground.

My advice is always the same – do your research!

Make sure you see reviews from real couples. You can look to see if they’re on any lists of photographers online. Additionally, you can check their tagged photos on Instagram to see how people talk about their work.

#5 – Request an In-Person Meeting

One of the most crucial steps you will need to take when choosing between Christian wedding photographers is the in-person meeting. You can tell a lot from a photographer’s website and social media accounts. However, you can only really get to know them during a face-to-face consultation.

During the meeting, you can ask questions about their experience, their photography style, and any other information you need to help you make the right choice between the various photographers on your list. You can also see if you click! You want to feel truly comfortable with your wedding photographer; so make sure to pick someone you can get along with.

I love getting to meet wedding couples to unpack their dreams and desires for their big day. I’m a true romantic and love everything surrounding love. So, to be asked to capture somebody else’s love story is a real honor and something I always cherish.

To me, my couples are not just bookings on my calendar, they become my friends!

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and highly stressful; especially when it comes to selecting the best vendors for your special day. I hope you find these tips for what to look for when choosing between Christian wedding photographers useful as you move forward with your planning.

I also have another article about everything you need to know about choosing a wedding photographer that may be helpful as you continue with your planning journey.

If you’re looking for photographers near you and like my style of wedding photography, I’d love to learn more about your wedding day!  To get to know me a little better or discover more about my wedding photography services – let’s connect! 


Collage of photos of Rachel Yearick capturing images at wedding shoot; image overlaid with text that reads What To Look For When Choosing Between Wedding Photographers
Rachel Yearick taking photo of bride and bridesmaids; image overlaid with text that reads What To Look For When Choosing Between Christian wedding Photographers

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