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July 5, 2018

Engagement Photos

So you finally got all the big things checked off your wedding planning to-do list. Now comes the fun part. The Engagement Photos!

“Is there any advice you could give me for my engagement session?” This is one of the most popular questions I’ll receive and thankfully it is one with some great answers! Stay tuned for some rad tips, you’ll want to remember these.


What should we wear? You want to look your best, and you want your outfits to compliment your photos. Here is what I tell each client that asks for outfit advice. Pick a color pallet that compliments each-other and go with that.Color palettes are so helpful for choosing coordinating, but not cheesy matching styles. Try to stay away from super bright colors, or any loud patterns. I suggest this for a few reasons. Loud patterns are very distracting in an image, drawing the attention away from the subjects. Bright colors not only distracting from the rest of the image, but can also cast a shade of whatever color you are wearing onto your skin. We want your skin looking natural, glowing and gorgeous overall!

If you’re going for a bit more natural, let everyone wear something casual and comfortable. If you’re aiming for more dressy, make sure you both look sharp. Try laying out all the outfits together, looking for colors that compliment each other. Want to have fun? Bring 2 outfits. Lots of people chose to do 1 fancy and 1 casual.


Is there somewhere that means a lot to both of you? Feel free to think outside the box! I want to capture YOUR story. If there’s a place that’s a part of your story, I want to be there. If you don’t have anywhere special in mind, I always have tons of places I could recommend!

Natural locations are open fields, hiking locations, parks, backyards, etc. These are great for playing and focusing on each other. The best time to take photos in fields is just before sunset when the light is most golden and usually, most gentle!

Urban locations are cool alleys, buildings, plazas, etc. These have lovely texture, color and variety! We can usually shoot at just about any time of day in an urban location since most areas are filled with shade.


Most of all…RELAX!

Your engagement session meant for us to get to know each other, for you to unwind and have some fun in front of the camera. Take a deep breath and know that the first 5-10 minutes are where we shake all our nerves out and warm up…after that, it’s party time. I want to capture who YOU are..so dance a little, tickle a little, whisper in his ear! If you have an idea or feel like getting a creative on your own, feel free to do it!

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