Great Falls Engagement Alexa & Casey


August 29, 2020

Oh, friends! I’m so excited to share Alexa and Casey’s Great Falls engagement session with you today!

I’ve been looking forward to Alexa and Casey’s engagement session for what feels like forever! Alexa has been a dear friend of mine for years, so when she texted me asking about photography for her WEDDING and engagement, I got SO excited! There is an extra level of joy that comes when your friend finds the deepest, covenantal love! I remember talking about relationships, boys, and love when we were younger. So, the joy was through the roof when I met Casey, her husband-to-be. He is a GEM! My first thought was, “this is a true gentleman and Alexa is so blessed”. What a fun, sweet couple! I’m not sure I have ever felt more comfortable during an engagement session. Y’all, this engagement session was a blast. Though the heat was intense, especially on the rocks, it was SO worth it. Thankfully, Alexa and Casey thought so too!

Their warm smiles and big hearts just radiate love

I always love shooting at places with water, so when Alexa and Casey suggested Great Falls, one of my fave spots, I was immediately game! As soon as we got there, the golden light shining, all of 12 (?) days of waiting paid off. The rain was crazy the days leading up, but the timing couldn’t have been better. The water in the river was a lovely blue, and the clouds created a perfect backdrop that allowed us to explore all over the place. As I climbed over the rocks, Alexa and Casey shared the sweetest moments. Nearly every engagement session I like to allow for beautiful silence if it seems right. The engagement time period goes by SO fast. Even if you have a 2-year engagement, it all goes by fast! It’s a blessing to embrace the quiet moments during a photo session to take in the view…both around you and in front of you (haha). I think Casey and Alexa embraced those moments beautifully.

Alexa and Casey are two of the sweetest people. I had so much fun spending the evening with them.

Alexa and Casey, I’m so excited for your wedding day! Thank you for trusting me completely when I ask you to do something crazy and thank you for being such a joy to be around! I had so much fun with you guys, and I have so many new favorites from this session! Cannot wait to do this all again on your big day! It’s going to be here before we know it!

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