Great Falls Engagement – Tyler & Lacey


January 19, 2021

Lacey & Tyler met in middle school…

Lacey & Tyler met in middle school but didn’t start dating until later at just the right time. I’ll never forget Lacey telling me over the phone, “He was always there in the background…he was always there”. That connection & that love throughout their life, I believe, is part of why these two just fit together so well! They have weathered Navy life, long distance, and all the challenges of this year in way that has just brought them closer together. Truly a blessing to photograph that love and commitment.

One of my favorite things about being living in Virginia is getting to showcase the variety of locations around this beautiful state. You could do a short drive into D.C. as a location or you could grab the sunset at one of the most peaceful waterfalls in Virginia. Lacey and Tyler made a long drive to come take their engagement photos at this lovely location in Great Falls, Virginia – one of my all-time favorites! 

Lacey, your joy and smiles are infectious. Tyler, you couldn’t be more of a gentleman

I loved laughing & exploring with you two for a few hours. Lacey, your joy and smiles are infectious. Tyler, you couldn’t be more of a gentleman. You two are perfect together and I feel so honored to have been the one to capture these moments. I can’t even imagine how beautiful your wedding is going to be in a few months! Making me so excited for summer 2021! Until then, here are a few highlights from our time with you and the glowing sunset. 

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