Great Falls Virginia Engagement Session


August 13, 2020

Sometimes, in life, you meet people so genuine & kind🥰that it catches you off guard. Not because you’re surprised that such kindness exists; but because, in the moment, you think, if everyone was like them, what a more beautiful world it would be. That’s how I felt the first time I talked with Lian and Stephen –– and it wasn’t even in person! We were chatting on the phone WAY back in the winter (?) before the whole world🌍flipped upside down in the craziness of 2020. Oh, the blissfulness of 2019, haha. Though 2020 has admittedly been crazy 🥺 and tons has changed, nothing has or will stop Lian and Stephen’s beautiful♥️love story.

Both former division 1 athletes, one of Lian’s first questions when chatting on the phone was, “do you have a ladder”? I smiled so big, laughed and answered, “Yes!”, remembering the ladder I carry around in my SUV 🤪 all times. No joke. It’s my favorite. I later learned that not only are they a few inches above me, their bridal party is going to be pretty epic –I’ll need that ladder and some high 👠pumps for sure. We kept chatting all things wedding and then also about their engagement session which you are about to see yourself. This beautiful 💦 waterfall in Great Falls, Virginia was their dream engagement photo location. And wow, I can safely say that their session has now become MY dream with them as the models. Aren’t they stunning and so natural?! It was like the whole night was made for them.

Lian and Stephen, goodness, you guys. I had the best time together at your engagement session. You two are as beautiful ♥ on the outside as you are kind on the inside; and that’s saying a lot, because I don’t think it’s possible that you could be any more fun, nice or real. I hope you love seeing yourselves and your love through my lens as much as I loved photographing it. Can’t wait for your Willowbrook wedding this fall!

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