Harpers Ferry Mountaintop Engagement Session


September 7, 2021

Harpers Ferry Mountaintop Engagement Session

Kenton and Mariah

Imagine looking back at your 8th-grade class photo and seeing your future husband staring back at you. The boy you adventured with throughout childhood. The one you’d be friends with for years before even dating. The one who wouldn’t show interest until your relationship status changed AND then in your senior year…the spark was ignited on both sides. It sounds like a love story straight out of a movie. Almost too good to be true, right?

THAT is Mariah and Kenton’s story.

Kenton asked Mariah to be his girlfriend. Senior year. After being best friends since 8th grade!

They continued to grow up exploring the world together during their last years in school. Their whole relationship was one of adventures. Now, after dating for 4 years, with 3/4 of it being long distance, they are planning their wedding day!

Marrying your best friend. What could be better? I remember hearing this unforgettable quote not too long ago: love is friendship set on fire. And that’s exactly what happened for Mariah and Kenton. When they walk down the aisle in September, it will mark nearly 10 years of friendship. Ten years since they met in 8th grade and became “just best friends”. But, this time, in front of their family and friends, standing at the altar together, Mariah will give her most important “yes” to her best friend.

Mariah and Kent, thank you for letting me capture nearly 10 years of friendship set on fire. I can’t wait to top it off with your fall wedding this month! Here are just a few of my many favorites!

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