June 4, 2024


A small wedding can be incredibly intimate and unique. Here are some tips from Kristin & James’s wedding to make your small wedding ceremony with 20 (or less) people memorable!

🤍1. Consider an Intimate Venue

Select a venue that suits the size of your guest list. Consider a cozy restaurant, a garden, a local mansion, beach, or even your own backyard for a personal touch.

🤍2. Personalize Your Ceremony

Since you have fewer guests, you can make your ceremony more personalized and meaningful. Write your own vows, include special readings or songs, or incorporate traditions that reflect your personalities and faith.

🤍3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

With a smaller guest list, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with each guest. Make sure to engage with everyone and make them feel appreciated for sharing your special day.

🤍4. Consider Non-Traditional Seating

Instead of traditional rows of chairs, consider arranging seating in a circle or semi-circle to create a more intimate atmosphere.

🤍5. Interactive Elements

Incorporate interactive elements into your ceremony to make your guests feel more involved. For example, you could have guests share their favorite memories of you as a couple, or have everyone participate in a group blessing.

🤍6. Splurge on What Matters

With a smaller guest list, you may have more flexibility to invest on certain elements that are important to you, whether it’s a gourmet dinner, a live band, or a luxury florals.

🤍7. Keep It Simple

One advantage of a small wedding is that you can keep things simple and focus on what truly matters: celebrating your love with your closest friends and family. Don’t feel pressured to conform to traditional wedding expectations if they don’t resonate with you.

🤍8. Capture the Moments

Even though your wedding is small, it’s still a significant milestone in your life. Make sure to capture the moments with professional photographs and/or videos so you can cherish the memories for years to come.

Are you curious to learn more about where this idea even came from? Here’s a great article from Vogue about The Rise of the Micro Wedding and another one from Brides.

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