How To Find The Perfect Loudoun County Wedding Photographer


March 21, 2023

Loudoun County in Virginia is one of the most beautiful, diverse, and historically rich places for an unforgettable wedding. It offers so much for couples – there are several stunning natural views as well as towns with a colonial past for history lovers. There are also vast horse farms for those who love animals and breathtaking hiking trails for adventure lovers. For such a perfect place, you need a perfect Loudoun County wedding photographer. 

Finding the perfect Loudoun County wedding photographer can be tough though! Knowing this, I developed the below tips to help you out.

How To Find The Perfect Loudoun County Wedding Photographer

To find the perfect Loudoun County wedding photographer, you’ll need to start with some research!

#1 – Research Thoroughly 

Like every other task worth doing, hiring the perfect Loudoun County wedding photographer requires a lot of research. There’ll be many choices available to you when you start searching, but you can narrow down the top photographers after going through their Instagram and blog.

See what makes them who they are and what kind of photos they take. After all, even a highly qualified Loudoun County wedding photographer may not have the style you’re looking for, but some of them will.

#2 – Look For The Professionals

There are plenty of people who can take photos. There are even plenty of people who can take good photos. Still, there’s a difference between taking good photos and understanding how to set up a great shot, engaging with someone’s wedding party and friends, providing perfect lighting, and editing those photos to meet someone’s needs. 

How To Find The Perfect Loudon County Wedding Photographer. Couple sharing a kiss during their wedding shoot.

All of these skills require training and experience. Professional Loudoun County wedding photographers will HAVE that training and experience, and they want you to know they have it too. Don’t get that wrong though. They’re not showing off. Rather, their goal is to help you know what you’re getting from them and to feel comfortable with their services. 

#3 – Find Someone Whose Style You Love

By the time you get to searching for a Loudoun County wedding photographer, you likely already have a vision in mind for your wedding and photos. That vision may evolve as you look at more and more photographers’ work. Whether or not what you’re looking for changes though, go with that person whose style you end up loving.

Bride and groom waving goodbye as they sit in the back of a car, taken by Loudoun County wedding photographer Rachel Yearick

There are SO many different ways of taking wedding photos too. So, while reviewing their social media and portfolio – the more extensive the better – see if you like the changes in the colors and edits they make. Are the whites white and the blacks black? What about their use of lighting? Do their angles work for you? How about their shot selection?

It’s okay to be picky, but when you find a style you love – and you will – go for it. 

#4 – Check Their Credentials

This goes along with the first three points, but it never hurts to be thorough! Check the photographer’s work for consistency, education, and experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, but for the best results, it’s essential to have someone with experience in the field.

After all, shouldn’t a Loudoun County wedding photographer have experience in Loudoun County or even nearby hotspots like DC? 

You have the right to expect that, so don’t settle for less!

#5 – See What Their Previous Clients Are Saying

I also recommend looking for reviews. People will share their thoughts about wedding photographers they like, which you can likely find on the photographer’s social media or maybe even their site.

I don’t recommend asking in a Facebook group though. You’ll likely be disappointed there.

It’s also worthwhile to ask the Loudoun County wedding photographer you’re considering if you can talk to any of their previous clients to ask about their experience. Satisfied clients will tell you precisely what they liked about working with that particular photographer. Plus, they’ll give you insight into the photographer’s creative process.

In other words, you can learn a lot about a wedding photographer from talking to the people they’ve worked with.

#6 – Talk To Them

There’s an important element in wedding photography that sometimes gets overlooked. That’s the relationship between the photographer and the couple. A good wedding photographer knows this and goes out of their way to build a strong relationship with whoever they end up working with.

You can initiate this by sending them a request for a consultation. Be honest and tell them you’d like to get to know them. They likely already want to know you anyway!

How To Find The Perfect Loudon County Wedding Photographer. Black and white photo of couple laughing in the back of the car.

Tell them what you’re looking for too, and ask them lots and lots of questions. You can also talk to them about anything you’re concerned about, either with their work or with wedding photos in general. Remember, they’re not interviewing you, you’re interviewing them. You can do this over the phone or in person too. It’s up to your personal preference!

#7 – Ask About Their Editing Too

I wanted to separate this out for you because editing is different from taking photos. The best Loudoun County wedding photographers know how to edit photos to perfection, but not all editors are created equal!

Bride and groom sharing a kiss during their wedding shoot, taken by Loudoun County wedding photographer Rachel Yearick

I recommend being direct with them about your editing needs. Ask them about what software they use and their skill level with it. Make your expectations known! For example, are you looking for minimal editing, lots of editing, or somewhere in between? 

The more you talk to them about this, the more you can feel comfortable with what they can do for you while taking the photos and after too.

#8 – Inquire About The Fee

I understand that wedding planning and execution can be hard on the wallet. While it may be tempting to choose the Loudoun County wedding photographer who charges less so you can save a little, there’s a reason they’re charging less! Wedding photographers charge what they’re worth and what is required to run their business. It may seem expensive, but you and they are worth it.

Make sure to ask about any hidden fees too. For example, ask the photographer if the upfront cost includes editing, prints, and other services. If it doesn’t, ask them what the extra cost would be. See if they offer any packages too.

Couple pouring champagne over glasses stacked together, shot by fine art wedding photographer Rachel Yearick

You don’t need to break the bank to afford a quality photographer, but you will still want to invest a fair amount to ensure you’re getting the kind of photos you’ll cherish. A good Loudoun County wedding photographer will feel the same way.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m very open about all of this.

#9 – Find The Right Spot

Especially if you’re hiring a portrait photographer, location is everything. Ask the photographer about their favorite venues or locations. Or, if you have somewhere specific in mind, see if they’re familiar with that location. 

I recommend scouting the area beforehand too. Your wedding photographer will likely want to do the same thing too, so they can get a headstart on considering angles and lighting.

Also, check to see if there’s an additional cost for the photographer to travel to that location. 

#10 – Talk To Your Wedding Planner Or Other Wedding Vendors

Wedding photography is one heck of a saturated field! If you still need additional avenues to find a photographer for your wedding day, ask your wedding planner or other wedding vendors.

Newlywed couple wrapping their arms around each other, captured by Rachel Yearick Photography

They’ll have worked with wedding photographers before, so they’ll have some recommendations for Loudoun County wedding photographers to work with.

Photos You Deserve

I love it when couples come to me and want to see what I can do for them. As a Loudoun County wedding photographer myself, I’m always open to any questions couples have for me, and I’m always ready to meet and talk with new people. My goal is to make everyone I work with feel comfortable doing so and thrilled with the work we create together.

So, let me know what you need!


Bride and groom sharing an embrace at their wedding venue; image overlaid with text that reads How to Find The Perfect Loudoun County Wedding Photographer
Groom hugging bride from behind and planting a kiss on her cheek; image overlaid with text that reads The Perfect Loudoun County Wedding Photographer

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