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December 6, 2023

It’s early December, and you’re sitting at your computer and scratching your head, asking yourself how you will find a great gift for that photographer in your life. Understanding camera gear and all the accessories that come with it can be overwhelming, to say the least. First, I want to remind you of one beautiful thing: gift receipts. Second, the list below is carefully curated for you to feel confident when buying for your photographer!

  1. Peak Design Backpack and/or Messenger Bag

Say hello to my go-to camera bags! These things have traveled with me in countless states for photoshoots, planes for any travel, and weekly for coffee shop visits! I am a big fa of the MagLatch hardware, adjustable shoulder strap, hidden cross carry straps, tons of flexfold dividers, and the best weatherproof canvas shelf. These heavy-hitting holds my 16-inch laptop (it is a bit of a squeeze) and any camera gear I need to have along.

2. Star Filter

These star filters can make every bright spot in a photo produce star-shaped flash-like dazzling effect! The brighter the spot, the more pronounced the star effect. Perfect for nighttime wedding photos, outdoor receptions and sparkler exits!

3. The Best SD Card

Long wedding days require the best memory cards. In the realm of photography and videography, storage capacity, speed, and reliability are paramount. The SanDisk Extreme PRO Memory Card meets and exceeds these expectations, making it an indispensable tool for my work! I buy way too many of these each year.

Bonus: Check out my tackle box and label system for optimal organization!

4. Apple AirTags

Destination weddings mean travel and sometimes you can’t carry on everything. That is where these little dudes come in handy. You’ll be able to track your bags and make sure you have everything accounted for…and if it gets lost, you can keep an eye on it’s return home.

5. Hydroflask Water Bottles

My longtime favorite water bottle for long wedding days! Sure, venues often offer water, but not nearly enough for wedding day needs! You’ll find my hydroflask in the side of my Peak design backpack every single wedding. Hydration is crucial!

6. Lip Balms

It may sound silly, but when you’re in the sun and wind during outdoor sessions, your lips can get REALLY chapped. I love having a great, organic, all-natural lip balm in my bag!

7. Theragun

You know how every photographer seems to find the most awkward positions in order to “get the right angle”? It’s not exactly amazing for good posture. At the end of almost every wedding, I end up with at least somewhere that is sore! This tool would be the perfect gift for any photographer who, like me, finds that those all-day weddings cause some sore muscles. Who doesn’t love a great massage?!

Want to see more? Here’s the link to TONS more gift ideas for the photographer.

And if you’re engaged and ready to chat about your wedding, let’s grab a coffee and talk! I’d love to hear about what you’re envisioning for your wedding day.

Blessings to you all!

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