What 9 Months of this consistent morning routine has led to…


July 11, 2024

What 9 Months of this consistent morning routine has led to…

Thanksgiving day 2023 was monumental for me.

November 23rd was the first day I woke up way before the sun to get a solid workout in before work. I’ve ALWAYS valued and prioritized exercise, but this was the first time I attempted strength training five (5) days a week WITH accountability. 

Cross country in high school was the closest I had become to such consistent workouts. That was great for a time, but it was time for something new. Now, strength training has become an integral part of my lifestyle. It feels vital for me as a professional wedding photographer!

Why might you consider prioritizing exercise as a busy professional photographer?

Increased Energy and Focus:

First, exercise boosts circulation and oxygen flow to the brain, which enhances focus, concentration, and mental clarity. This heightened state can help you better visualize compositions, anticipate moments, and stay engaged throughout the day.

Stress Reduction:

Second, regular physical activity is known to reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins, which are natural mood elevators. Lower stress levels can lead to a more relaxed and creative mindset, allowing you to approach photography with a clear perspective and innovative ideas.

Discipline and Routine:

Third, committing to a consistent workout schedule builds discipline and establishes a reliable routine. This discipline can transfer to your photography practice, helping you stay committed to learning new techniques, refining your skills, and consistently producing high-quality work.

Physical Benefits:

Fourth, improved physical health, including increased stamina and endurance, can directly benefit your photography. It may allow you to handle long wedding days more effectively, endure challenging conditions (like intense heat), and maintain steady hands for capturing sharp images.

Creativity Boost:

Lastly, exercise has been linked to enhanced creativity. The mental clarity and positive mood that accompany physical activity can spark new ideas, inspire fresh perspectives, and encourage experimentation in your photography.

By prioritizing exercise as part of your morning routine, you’re not only investing in your physical well-being but also nurturing qualities that are essential for artistic growth and professional development as a photographer. Leveraging this routine can cultivate your skills and continue pushing the boundaries of your creativity!

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