What’s In My Bag? Top 3 Picks


May 6, 2018

Early on, I remember wondering if I was making smart choices with the gear I was using. I am still learning and tweaking, but have found a few favorites. I believe that having great gear doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to produce amazing images for your couples, but it can be major factor in providing that consistent quality, a hallmark of every great business!

My first camera at 13 was Canon Powershot and then a Rebel T3 at 16. What a gift those first two babies were! I often have folks ask me what camera I would recommend they invest in. My advice is to start small. There is great benefit to starting with a simple point and shoot camera before jumping into a professional DLSR. Once you get an idea of your favorite brand, then you can look at investing into it further! Plus, you’ll always have that first camera(s) as back-up.

Today I shoot with Canon 5D Mark III. I like to describe this one as my workhorse, the powerhouse or the imagination station.  The possibilities are endless with this sweet one. The 22.3 MP full frame, the 61-point AF system, the CF and/or SD card capability, the video quality. I could go on and on.

My favorite lens is the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM. I love using this lens for all my portrait sessions and weddings. If I had to choose only one lens to shoot a whole wedding with, it would be this one. The range, the sharpness, the creamy 2.8, the excellent compression all make me reach for it again and again.


One of the first weddings I ever did I was asked by the head photographer to put a new camera strap onto her camera. I didn’t understand how incredibly helpful a great camera strap was, but carefully did my best to secure it well. Now, after shooting many weddings I realize why she was so excited to use her new strap!

This Curve Sling Strap is my latest investment and I am stoked! Having the ability to safely put my camera to rest on my side is huge. Whether I am getting bubbles for a little one at a portrait session or fixing a bride’s veil, having my hands free at a moments notice is wonderful!

Lowerpro! This bag has been through a lot and is still going strong after 3 years. The waterproof cover has saved my gear, extra clothes (and sanity) from many a downpour. The size is just right for muddy portrait sessions or long hikes up a mountain. Sometimes you just need a bag that can take it all. For me, this is the one!


Have further questions about my favorite gear? Shot me a message in the comments! 

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