Savannah & Craig’s Nautical Annapolis Engagement Photos


December 13, 2022

Savannah and Craig decided to have their Annapolis engagement photos in the same place where Craig proposed to Savannah, which was on the waterfront in Annapolis, Maryland. The Annapolis area and the love the couple has for one another inspired this engagement photo session, which the bride-to-be loved. She even texted me about it later!

Savannah & Craig’s Story

The couple wanted to show their love for their hometown and the waterfront by having their Annapolis engagement photos taken on the city’s iconic Maryland State House stairs. We didn’t say there long though because we soon moved to a nearby dock. 

Prior to taking pictures of couples like Savannah and Craig, I always send out a questionnaire to get to know them better and get an early idea of what they’re looking for in a photoshoot. They shared that they both played lacrosse in high school but didn’t become friends until they had an English class together in their junior year.

Eventually, they started dating!

They went to different colleges, which was tough on them, then they both moved home and have been in the area ever since. Because Craig plays in the Premier Lacrosse League (the PLL), he has to leave every weekend in the summer. They always have a “last supper” on the weekend before the season starts. 

It was at this last supper that he proposed. I just love stories like this! All of my clients’ shoots are special, but getting details like those helps me to realize just how special they are to them too. They also give me a good window into my clients’ minds so I can help them better develop the shoot, such as with these Annapolis engagement photos.

Savannah & Craig’s Annapolis Engagement Photos

I met Savannah when I was working on Kellie & Garrett’s wedding, where Savannah was a bridesmaid. She saw me in my element and saw firsthand what she could expect for her Annapolis engagement photos and her upcoming wedding with Craig. 

She had a general idea of what she wanted, which was for her day to be similar to Kellie’s. We worked together on developing that idea, which Savannah said was really helpful for her. I love putting my experience as an experienced wedding photographer to use for my clients. And we got some great Annapolis engagement photos as a result of all our combined efforts.

Starting in front of the Maryland State House gave the whole photoshoot an official flair. It helped that Savannah and Craig were dressed to match, and when we moved to the waterfront, they had the feel of a couple ready to go sailing in style. 

The bright sun and boats behind Savannah and Craig really gave their photos a lively feel. Everything felt just as happy as they were in their Annapolis engagement photos.

Final Thoughts

Taking pictures for happy couples, getting to help tell their stories, and capturing their special days are the reasons I do what I do. It’s so fulfilling helping out like this, and I’m ready for more! So, if you’re interested in getting your own engagement or wedding photos taken, let me know! We’ll talk about what you need and plan an incredible session of your own!

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