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January 10, 2023

Kellie and Garrett found me through Andrew Gilford at Film And Flourish. When Kellie and I talked about how she wanted her Brittland Estate wedding photos to turn out, she sent me one photo she was designing the whole day around. Based on the photo, I was able to edit in a way to reflect really clean, bright whites from that image. Their colors were navy, white, and champagne, and I was so thrilled I was able to make those colors come through in their Brittland Estate wedding photos.

Elegant And Bright Brittland Estate Wedding

Kellie and Garrett’s choice of venue could not have been more perfect–a Brittland Estates wedding has that easy elegance and rustic charm you can’t help but love. The place was absolutely stunning! 

From a beautifully calming view of Chester River to acres upon acres of sprawling fields to elegant mansions and a cozy coastal cottage, I couldn’t help but get excited because there seemed to be no end to photo spots for Kellie and Garrett’s Brittland Estate wedding.

It had that old-world charm in a quiet, rural setting that made it so easy for the couple, guests, and vendors like me to take in the day moment by moment. The atmosphere was peaceful, relaxed, and joyful. But, even in great places like Brittland Estate, as an experienced wedding photographer, I know you have to be ready for anything.

Thankfully, I was able to work very closely with Kellie and Garrett’s wedding planner, which was amazing, their videographer, and the rest of the team as we navigated quick changes in location due to the rain and more. The timeline I created with Kellie worked really well and provided a ton of stability and peace throughout the whole day!

Favorite Shots

There were so many amazing moments from Kellie and Garrett’s Brittland Estate wedding that it’s hard to choose any one of them as my favorite. A couple that stand out to me though are the ones I took when the fireworks started going off. 

Those fireworks, by the way, were a total surprise to the guests! Getting to capture Kellie and Garrett holding and kissing one another as the fireworks went off behind them though was magical. I love the golden light the fireworks provide, almost like golden hour light, while Kellie and Garrett show their love for one another. 

Before this, I took some great shots of them holding hands and walking on the docks after their Brittland Estates wedding was said and done. I adore these couples’ shots because we get to work together to develop some intimate and creative photos they’ll be able to cherish for the rest of their lives. Not even the overcast day could ruin these photos!

Also, I can’t forget Kellie’s bridal shots either. From her getting-ready pictures to walking down the staircase, she looked every bit as elegant as her surroundings. 

It’s always important to me to capture moments with family and friends too. So, I made sure to get some photos of Kellie’s mom helping her with her dress, her dad seeing her in it for the first time, and, as she came down the stairs, the reactions of all her bridesmaids. You could tell there was a lot of love and support in this wedding party!

Final Thoughts

I can’t say enough good things about Kellie and Garrett’s Brittland Estate wedding. Just being there was amazing, and working with them to create some truly memorable photos was even more amazing. I’d love to do the same with you, so send me the inspiration for your day, and let’s start working on it!

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