Blandy Experimental Farm – Children’s Portrait Session


June 13, 2018

Hello friends! I‘m so excited to share this sweet family session I did last week at Blandy Experimental Farm in Boyce Virginia! Can these kids be any cuter?

Kara and I had chatted earlier in the month about different locations, outfits and ideas in preparation for their session. I immediately felt like I was talking to an old friend and was super excited when she mentioned The State Arboretum of Virginia! If you ever get a chance to visit, you‘re in for a treat. Arriving there for the first time, I walked around and was immediately obsessed with the beautiful stone buildings, lush grass, and flowers. A photographers haven! But this all paled in comparison to the sweet miles and fun I was about to see from Emery, Callum and Alden. I couldn’t get over how caring and loving they were with each other. We walked all over and explored different buildings, did some fun poses (the sunglasses Kara brought was an awesome addition.)

Over the years I have found that working with kids means always being flexible (one of my favorite parts of working with children). Sometimes I find that little ones struggle with posing directions, but I quickly learned this was not the case with these three. When I asked them to give their sister a kiss on the forehead, walk towards me or gently tickle each other, they happily complied. Made photographing them a breeze! Nothing sweeter than getting to capture those authentic, relational, dynamic moments.

Kara and Aaron, you have a beautiful family inside and out. It was a blessing working with you all. Hope you enjoy these portraits as much as I do!



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