photo of a couple in front of a sun

July 23, 2020

photo of a couple in front of a sun


Lately, I have reflected on that word in a deeper way. To choose, to be chosen, to be in the processing of choosing. What a beautiful word. It can bring up anxiety or so many encouraging and affirming feelings. Does it do the same for you?

I think about when someone asks me to join them for coffee, ice cream, or dinner. I was chosen and am choosing to join them.

I do the same when I chose to give time to others. I chose time to spend and offer that time to someone else. This is where relationship begins! Choosing is a crucial, beautiful step in commitment.

The commitment might be as small as a coffee date, a work project or as huge as the commitment of marriage. To be chosen and to choose is a gift.

I often take for granted how much freedom we have here in this place. The freedom to go out and eat with a friend or to start a new business is huge. And now, coming out of the most intense lockdowns, it reminds again that free will is crucial. We have been given freedom to choose!

I only know one man who has ever perfectly and sacrificially chosen. He said this,” You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit…”

What profound words. To be chosen with NO strings attached! No requirement. Complete freedom. Complete commitment. No conditions. My heart jumps in overwhelming joy at those words. This man did not wait to be chosen. He chose. He acted. He loved perfectly for good.

When someone tells you that you were chosen for a project, service, or relationship, what does it make you feel? Are you happy? Do you feel pressure? Have you ever been chosen with no strings attached?

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