Leesburg Virginia Courthouse Wedding


July 29, 2020

Planning a tiny wedding? A courthouse ceremony? Keep reading!

Nothing can stop love! 🤍On July 20th, Kelly and Cedric got married at this beautiful courthouse in Leesburg, Virginia. 🎉It was the sweetest, simple, elegant, seamless ceremony.

Though we all were sweating buckets, 🥵 (hey JULY!), Kelly and Cedric were absolute champs and rocked each prompt/pose with so much elegance. I am so glad they chose to invest in photography for their little ceremony. It was so fun and deeply meaningful.

A few weeks before, Kelly emailed me and wrote that she knew it might be a long shot 😐 to be able to have a 💍 photographer 📸 for her ceremony. Though it was a bit more last minute than some wedding photography requests, you better believe I was SO 😎down for this wedding. Especially after the best phone call I had with her planning her ceremony, I was ECSTATIC to work with these two. I felt like I had known her for so long!

Here’s to you two, your family and your new love. Thank you for the honor of being your photographer!

Thinking of having your own small ceremony? Here are 3 tips for planning your small civil ceremony:

Arrive Ready

Make sure you arrive fully dressed for the day. Whether you’re rocking a full gown or more simple attire, it’s best to handle it all at home. You can set up appointments for whatever you may need (hair, nails, makeup, etc.) beforehand. Give yourself plenty of time for each appointment to help ensure a seamless ceremony.

Hire A Photographer

I know, I know this may seem like a shame-less plug, but I want you to know my heart behind photography – no matter how big or small the event. I imagine one of the reasons you went the courthouse route was to simplify everything, from financial investment, to time, and more! Eve if you are the most chill person in the world, you will want one or two or thirty photos to cherish forever. Invest in your relationship through photography.

Respect The Other Couples

Only thing about having a small civil ceremony is that you (very likely) won’t be the only one at that location. You’ll have your allotted time, but then it will be time to keep moving. If you are doing photos after this is a great time to go to your designated photo spots. Ask your photographer beforehand if you want to find some neat spots.

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