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October 24, 2023

The Story

You know those movies, the ones where, if you’re flipping through the TV channels or scrolling on YouTube and they’re playing, you just have to stop and watch? While I likely wouldn’t ever choose to plan my entire Sunday afternoon around one of these movies, they’re such classics that when they’re on… you just… watch. A few come to mind: Top Gun, Braveheart, Les Mes, When Harry Met Sally, AND La La Land.

Though La La Land is controversial for some in terms of its likeability, to me, the story is so well written and the cinematography so next-level, it had me completely captivated. In fact, I loved that movie so much that I still find myself listening to the soundtrack while editing photos.

The Why

Deep down, I think the reason I gravitated toward La La Land back in 2016, aside from the beauty, light-hearted, young-in-love essence –– so many scenes come to mind –– is the deeper, sweeter, more serious storyline. Now, something I don’t like about La La Land is the heartbreaking ending! That ending brings me to today’s love story…one that has THE BEST ending and one that makes my romantic heart so happy!

I met Lena and Joe in 2021 and had the joy of photographing them twice in 2022 before their beautiful spring wedding at The Barn at Willowbrook in Leesburg, Virginia. After two afternoons exploring locations together in the fall and winter, you really get to know each other – one of my favorite parts about the whole wedding experience! Our first session together was a lovely winter session in Boyce, Virginia, but for this classic fall session, they picked Oatlands, another favorite! It truly felt like I was stepping on the set of the most romantic and fun movie, this time with Lena and Joe as the stars. We all love happy endings so much, and getting to capture movie-inspired photos for them was a treat.

Beginning to Wedding and Beyond

Lena and Joe, thank you for the incredible honor of documenting your love story. You two truly could be in a movie of your own – I’d watch it over and over. I love the way you both speak to each other, support and have fun together. There’s nothing better than photographing two people madly in love who also happen to be each other’s best friends. I look forward to photographing you two in 50 years when you’re celebrating your golden anniversary!

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