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October 10, 2023

What makes a veil fly?

As your wedding photographer, I feel that it’s my duty to let you know that not all veils have equal flying power! It’s true! Some veils do not fly! It’s actually very disappointing for a bride to realize on her wedding day that it’s impossible to capture the “flying veil” shot she always dreamed of because she selected a veil that has too much detail and is too heavy to fly! So, if a flying veil shot is very important to you, here are some tips for selecting a veil that can easily go airborne and is extra photogenic! 

  1. Avoid heavy beading and details that weigh down your veil if you want it to “fly”.
  2. One layer is best!
  3. Fine tulle flies more freely. Stiff tulle is a little more rigid.

Looking for a veil for your wedding ensemble? Here are a few I’ve been eyeing lately!

Pronovias V LA04: A wonderful tulle veil with sparkling glimmers, ideal for a much more glamorous look.

Vogue: Veils

Brides: Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dresses & Veils

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