DC Kennedy Center Engagement


June 26, 2021

Where do I even begin with these two? At the beginning – that’s where I’ll start! I have known Emma and Nick for years, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I can see the scene in my mind right now. The living room where we used to meet together spread out all over the floor. They were young and in high school, while I was a co-leader for our youth shepherd (bible) study just out of high school myself. I’ll never forget how sweet it was to see them together on Wednesday nights as they grew closer and closer. We had a girls and guys group, but we all got so close as a group when we came back together for worship. Little did I know how close they were getting as a couple. They are now getting married this year!

As videographers & lovers of beautiful architecture, I knew I wanted to make their session epic.

You better believe I smiled a HUGE smile when I found out Nick proposed. It was so sweet. I smiled again when they requested that I photograph their engagement session. As videographers & lovers of beautiful architecture, I knew I wanted to make their session epic.

Emma and Nick made the drive to Washington DC for their engagement session at the Kennedy Center. They loved the look of the architecture & as soon as I saw their first outfit, I knew that this location was the right decision. It was classic and elegant! Emma and Nick came ready for anything, so as the sunlight started slipping away, they worked with me as we moved quickly to ensure that we could fit in multiple locations. We just kept finding more and more spots. I love that adventure & exploration side of engagement sessions.

Emma & Nick, I loved this evening with you. It blessed me more than you’ll ever know. It was so great hearing about your dreams for your beautiful wedding. I am truly grateful for the honor of being your engagement photographer. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your session!

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