25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years


July 7, 2021

1. Record your memories. Either mentally or with a camera, through writing or music.

2. Trust your gut.

3. Guys are more complex than you’ve been told. Trust your gut. 😜

4. Faithfulness is a huge 🎁 gift. Look for it.

5. Gratitude can really change an attitude.

6. Setting boundaries is hard, but often the most loving action ever.

7. Chocolate 🍫 and music 🎶 will always find a way into your life. Never fear. They will be near.

8. Financial 💰 freedom is something to protect and value.

9. It’s ok to not like the taste of alcohol OR to choose to never drink. Pressure is passing.

10. There is strength in patient endurance. It is worth it.

11. Choosing to respond versus reacting is always rewarding.

12. Your curiosity is a gift.

13. Just because you are too much for someone 🥺doesn’t mean you are too much for everyone.

14. Showing empathy does not mean excusing everything.

15. Take a risk & go down the road different from everyone else.

16. Dry shampoo is a blessing.

17. Embrace your goofy 🤪side & use wisely.

18. You don’t owe everyone or sometimes anyone, an explanation. Trust your orders from above. Be obedient and faithful.

19. Don’t feel silly for wearing your retainer😁 every night. It’s awesome.

20. Someone else is being prepared to carry that 🔥“torch” after you. Do your best while it is in your hand and then hand it off.

21. Learning never stops.

22. It’s okay to ask questions.

23. Assertive listening & speaking is highly valuable. Be patient as you practice. 🤫

24. You are more than what you do or what you will do.

25. There is more grace than you think. It’s a well that never runs dry.🤍

There is more grace than you think. It’s a well that never runs dry.🤍

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