Maine Lakeside Wedding – Abby & Jon


lake wedding

July 1, 2019

lake wedding

Jon and Abby’s story is classic jock meets nerd. Abby originally thought she was far too intellectual for Jon, assuming that he wasn’t a super deep person, only “vanilla with pecs,” but she was wrong. Jon and Abby met at a Fourth of July party hosted by a mutual friend, and didn’t think too much of each other until a couple years later after a conversation at church about missions. From that point on, Jon began his year-long task of wriggling into Abby’s friend group while Abby spent the year dating other people and getting herself both heartbroken and discouraged in the arena of relationships. Abby was at a low point when Jon got up the nerve to attempt to break out of the friend zone and confess his affection for her. Abby did not receive this well. She was angry and annoyed and confused all at the same time. Jon had become a good friend to her, and she really didn’t want to see that ruined.

Jon was very understanding of Abby’s feelings on the subject, but refused to give up so easily.

He insisted on staying close to her as a friend in hopes of building her up and encouraging her to the point where she would be open to risking her emotions in a relationship again. She tried very hard in the following month to think of good reasons to not date him. She tried very hard to give him good reasons to give up on her, but as the month progressed, she found herself leaning on him more and more emotionally, reaching out to him for the advice that she respected, and missing him when he was away. Jon was patient, kind, and gentle with Abby throughout the whole process. He went on hikes with her, lead a Bible study with her, and even helped her rescue a nest full of baby birds. After a month had passed, Abby finally let Jon know that it would be okay if he asked her out again. He was tempted to make her wait a week, but he couldn’t make himself do it, and asked her out the next day.

Within a couple months he began to say “I Love You” (and she said it back),

he began to be more and more up front with her about his hope of proposing within the year. She was very nervous at his level of commitment, but after a trip together down to Georgia to attend his brother’s wedding, decided that if they could stand and even thoroughly enjoy 8 hour road-trips together, they could make a lifetime work.

When he proposed in January, she had no more doubts in her mind.

They tied the knot on June 29th at a beautiful lakeside camp in Northern Maine near where Abby grew up. Congrats Abby & Jon, thank you for the honor of being your photographer! Wishing you two all the best as you start your adventure together. The best is yet to come!

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Location: Camp Living Waters,

Dress: Colbie, BHLDN, by Watters

Florist: Chadwick Florist, Amanda Dunham,

Cake: Jennifer,

Photography: Rachel, Twin Firs Photography

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