Aaron & Abby | Quirk Hotel Richmond VA Spring Engagement Session


February 27, 2024

Quirk Hotel in Richmond, VA

Aaron & Abby’s Spring Engagement at Quirk Hotel, Richmond VA

In the heart of Richmond, Virginia, where history whispers through cobblestone streets and modernity thrives, Aaron and Abby invited me to photograph their engagement portraits. Amidst the vibrant energy of the city, Quirk Hotel stands as a beacon of elegance and romance, setting the stage for their enchanting spring engagement session.

A Glimpse into their Love Story

Aaron and Abby’s love story began like a melody, sweet and harmonious. They remember meeting at her sister’s birthday party in 2020! She told me that she remembers him walking down the backyard sidewalk with such confidence and knew she had to talk to him. Thankfully it was a small party and she could easy introduce herself. He had such an energy about him that was contagious. They flirted the entire night, enjoying each other’s company.

Soon, they found themselves bonding over their favorite band. After that party they connected over social media and began chatting every single day. Abby made me melt when she said that Aaron is her soulmate and the one person she never gets tired of being around. I think you’ll see in these photos that Aaron would say the exact same thing about her. He told me at the engagement session how excited he was to simply get to kiss her!

Springtime Symphony: Quirk Hotel’s Charms

Quirk Hotel, with its blend of historic charm and contemporary allure, provided the perfect canvas for Aaron and Abby’s engagement session. The vibrant hues of spring adorned every corner, from the pink that made the grand foyer feel magical to the rooftop that showcased Richmond’s iconic views. As we wandered through the hotel’s corridors, our laughter echoed against the walls. We had so much fun together!

Final Thoughts

As Aaron and Abby’s spring engagement session came to an end, we enjoyed a few moments at the bar, on the stairs and then on the rooftop. In Quirk Hotel’s embrace, we documented their love and this season of engagement like the flowers of spring—vibrant, radiant, and full of promise.

Aaron and Abby, thank you for the honor of being your engagement & wedding photographer. I cannot wait for this coming year. It’s going to fly by!

Would you like to learn more about an engagement session at the Quirk Hotel in Richmond, VA? Here’s some helpful information. If you’d like a photographer’s vision, I’d be happy to share! Let’s talk!

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