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February 6, 2024

anxiety & wedding related social media

It’s a month out from your wedding date. You have already picked every – your photographer, dress, venue, even the napkins. Do you keep following everyone OR do you narrow it down to just who you booked? This is definitely your choice, but if I was getting married this month, I’d unfollow anyone I didn’t book for my wedding day. Here are some thoughts on why that might be something to consider.

Caring for your mental health while wedding planning doesn’t have to just be another to-do on your list, but rather a welcomed, healthy addition to your daily life that relieves stress and emotional burdens. You can incorporate these much earlier than 2-4 weeks by the way! Disconnecting from both electronic devices and social media, especially bridal platforms can help you feel more peaceful and open to great opportunities to embrace time with loved ones OR yourself!

Brenna McGee in a great article from Brides says this, “With all of the external pressures of family and friends, one of the things that can quickly lead to mental health struggles in the process of wedding planning is a loss of sense of self,” she says. “Anxiety of living up to expectations—whether yours or someone else’s—and a simultaneous confusion of what is within your control and what is not, can be overwhelming and feel isolating.”

Scrolling wedding related social media?

Here are some reasons why hopping off “weddingtok” is a wise idea.

  1. It can fuel comparison which is a real nasty thief of joy!
  2. You mind/mood may feel loss when the wedding day comes and you are suddenly done planning and preparation. Gradually weaning off the intensity of planning can be helpful.
  3. Perfectionism is more likely when you’re hyper-focused on what to do or change – when you can’t do either so close to your wedding day. Your vendor team is ready to go and should be there for you!
  4. It can cause you to people please and focus on creating a perfect outcome versus staying focused on the joy of the day and celebrating you two!

What to do instead of scrolling or planning?

  1. Get outside and enjoy some sunlight and movement.
  2. Write! Whether it’s your vows, letters to your lover, family or in your journal!
  3. Spend more time with family.
  4. Spend time with your fiancé on something that is not a planning activity!
  5. Sneak in coffee dates with your girlfriends or siblings!
  6. Go for a solo day to somewhere you love.
  7. Rest

Closing Thoughts

Having a great team is the start of relieving wedding day anxiety. You can get off wedding related social media, but at the end of the day, it’s your team that can relief the most stress – leading you to feeling freedom to unplug. Having people who want to be there for you, advocate, simply process with you while aligning with your values can be priceless! If you looking for a photographer, planner, videographer, anything related to your wedding team, I’d love to chat and send over some recommendations for you. This is a great time to embrace outsourcing as you embrace your love and celebrate your relationship. You are only engaged for a season! Enjoy it!

Bridal’s for Emma

Photographer: Rachel Yearick

Location: The Washington National Cathedral

Wedding Dress: Zakaa

Florals: Denby Designs Co

Hair: Theresa Hastings

Ribbon: Hey It’s Oh So Pretty

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