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February 14, 2024

Documentary-style wedding photography, also known as photojournalism photography, is a genre of photography that aims to capture real-life events, scenes, and people in an authentic and unobtrusive manner. It involves telling a story or conveying a message through images, often without staging or altering the scene. Here’s how I would describe it to you today if I was sitting across from you with a warm drink in hand.

1. Authenticity:

  • Real-Life Moments: Documentary-style photographers focus on capturing genuine moments as they unfold, without interference or manipulation.
  • Truthful Representation: The goal is to represent the subject matter truthfully, offering viewers an unfiltered view of the world.

2. Storytelling:

  • Narrative: Each photograph contributes to a larger narrative or story, whether it’s focusing on your ceremony or engagement session, it all points back to celebrating and telling about your relationship!
  • Emotion and Impact: Images are selected and framed to evoke emotion and make a lasting impact. Perfection is left behind when the first priority becomes capturing timeless moments. This is a great way to ensure a relaxed, authentic wedding day.

3. Objectivity:

  • Observer Role: Documentary-style photographers typically adopt the role of an observer rather than overly directing. As your wedding photographer, I am always there to provide direction, but if I really love a moment and the beauty within, I will do anything but interfere. Speaking of interference‚Ķ
  • Minimal Interference: This style avoids altering the scene or overly directing, allowing events to unfold naturally.

4. Technical Considerations:

  • Lighting and Composition: While documentary-style photography emphasizes authenticity, as your photographer, I will still consider lighting and composition to create the best images possible.
  • Equipment: Having updated cameras and lenses suited for fast-paced environments and low-light conditions is my priority in order to capture moments quickly and effectively. If a moment is happening, I want to capture it versus ruining it by setting up a perfect lighting setting. That is why I really value a mix of this (documentary style photography) and more direction-based photography when needed.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who can capture your wedding with a focus on documenting each moment effortlessly? I’d love to connect and see if we are a good fit!

Images below are from the beautiful Ivy Rose Venue in Rocky Mount, Virginia!

bride and groom pouring Champagne tower
bride and groom pouring a drink and cheering
bride and groom laughing together
groom smiling while pouring a drink and embracing his bride
bride and groom laughing while pouring a drink
groom holding bride around waist
bride and groom pouring Champagne and cheering
bride and groom holding hands outside Ivy Rose Wedding venue
groom twirling his bride in front of a vintage car
bride smiling in front of the stairs of her wedding venue
groom walking while rubbing his hands
groom smiling on his wedding day
bride walking up the stairs with an elegant bow
bride and groom walking out of their wedding venue
bride and groom cheering on their wedding day
Bride and Groom standing next to a vintage car

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