Virginia Arboretum Engagement Session


July 7, 2021

Sometimes, in life, you meet people so genuinely kind that it catches you off guard. Not because you’re surprised that such kindness exists; but because, in the moment, you think, if we all were like them all day long, what a more beautiful world it would be. That’s how I felt the first time I talked with Sarah and Caleb–– and it wasn’t even in person! Sarah reached out to me via Instagram just before they were engaged to see when I might be available to photograph their wedding. That consideration alone melted me immediately. As soon as I heard that Caleb planned to propose that month, I got excited just as if I’d know them for forever!

Sometimes, in life, you meet people so genuinely kind that it catches you off guard.

Soon the day of their engagement session came. As we walked, I noticed how amazing they were together. As they told me their sweet story, I saw how they were holding on to each other like they were holding the whole world. And they were. They were holding their whole world.

Caleb is from New Jersey and knows a thing or two about trees from his years as a Tree Climber. I LOVE learning from people who know a lot about trees – particularly when visiting an arboretum FULL of tress! Sarah’s family is from here, and so as we talked, we realized we had a lot of connections and shared a similar childhood experience growing up in Loudoun County. She is just so warm and sweet, it’s hard to believe we are only just now really getting to know each other! It’s going to be such a fun wedding day for these two.

Fun fact: Sarah & Caleb actually met each other in high school at The Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, NJ. After having heard so many amazing things about it over the years, I feel so grateful for those who support and serve there – and I have never even met them before! Not only has this place sparked some beautiful relationships, but the connections and strong foundations that are built in that place seem timeless. It certainly was the best place for Sarah & Caleb to start their beautiful friendship that soon turned into love!

Sarah & Caleb, goodness, you guys. I had the best time together at your engagement session. You two are as beautiful on the outside as you are kind on the inside; and that’s saying a lot, because I don’t think it’s possible that you could be any nicer. I hope you love seeing yourselves and your love through my lens as much as I loved photographing it. I can’t wait for your wedding this fall!

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