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April 2, 2024

Creating peaceful and beautiful bride and groom portraits at the Washington National Cathedral can be a truly special experience. Here’s how I love to approach this beautiful location in the heart of DC:

Schedule the Session

Ensure you have permission and a permit at the Washington National Cathedral for your portraits. Check their guidelines for photography sessions and schedule your shoot accordingly.

Scout the Location

Visit the Cathedral before the shoot to scout for the best spots for portraits. Look for areas with beautiful architecture, natural light, and peaceful surroundings. I know some amazing spots if you don’t have time to look beforehand!


Plan your session during a time when the Cathedral is less crowded to capture intimate moments without distractions. Early mornings or weekdays might be quieter times.


Golden hour is our friend here! Look up the sunset time for your specific date, then subtract 2 hours. This is the best time to start your session for creamy, dreamy light.

Capturing Candid Moments

While posed shots are essential, don’t forget to allow yourself to move and “play” together in order to capture the candid moments. These often result in some of the most genuine and emotive portraits.

Utilize the Surroundings

Explore different areas of the Cathedral grounds for varied backdrops. From lush gardens to grand entrances, there are plenty of options to create diverse and captivating portraits.

Be Respectful

Remember that the Washington National Cathedral is a sacred space. Be respectful of the surroundings, other visitors, and any guidelines provided by the Cathedral staff.

By following these tips, we can create stunning and peaceful bride and groom portraits that capture the beauty and serenity of the Washington National Cathedral.

P.S. Selene and Obed, thank you for the joy of being your wedding photographer and capturing these moments for you two. I loved exploring the Cathedral with you all! Though the setting is so lovely and peaceful, it was you two who really brought the elegance and peace that warm summer day. You two are such a great fit for each other, it makes me excited to see what this next years hold as you walk hand in hand – now as husband and wife.

Would you like to do your own bridal, engagement or wedding portraits at The Washington Cathedral? Let’s schedule a video call and start dreaming together!

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