Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos In Washington DC | Amerins + Dane


October 11, 2022

Washington, DC, is filled with beautiful options for engagement photoshoots. But there is one time of the year that always gets me excited to shoot there: cherry blossom season! So, I was thrilled when Amerins and Dane reached out to me (after seeing what I do on Instagram) and asked me to take their cherry blossom engagement photos for them. 

Their Love Story

Amerins and Dane met during their freshman year of college and have been together ever since. They tied the knot in Utah, but because they live in Washington, DC, it was important to them to hold their engagement photo session there. So, it was time to take some cherry blossom engagement photos, and they turned out great!

How I Helped

One of the biggest frustrations a lot of my clients face in the pre-planning phase in shoots for engagement photos or others is what to wear. Amerins was no different as she was struggling to find the perfect colors and fit. She was starting to feel quite overwhelmed! 

We had lots of conversations about which outfits would look perfect on her, and I loved that she valued the style guide I provided for them, as well as my opinion through the process of choosing what would work best. But in the end, it was her fiance’s recommendation that saved the day. I loved what Amerins ended up wearing for the shoot, and I was so glad to be a part of that process.

Where Else We Shot

This photoshoot came in two halves. I love the photos from the first half, but there’s a lot to love in the second half too. The first half near the monuments of DC had a dreamy quality to it with all the cherry blossoms, but the second half had a bright, romantic feel to it. 

The streets, the architecture there, everything felt so grounded and fun. Plus, the mix of red brick, green ivy, and autumn trees produced some amazing color combinations that really went well with Amerins and Dane’s understated, day-out looks. 

As a wedding photographer, these are the things I look for in really turning a photo session from something average into something memorable. I believe it’s a part of my job to help couples find these great spots and shots too, which is why I’m going to give you the scoop on getting the best cherry blossom engagement photos.

The Best Time for Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos in Washington DC

It was a great time shooting during cherry blossom season in Washington, DC. If you’re considering some cherry blossom engagement photos there, you’ll want to plan to take them during cherry blossom season.

The best time for engagement photos in Washington DC is usually around the end of March and early April, but you will have to time it right as the cherry blossoms only bloom for a couple of weeks in the spring. Let me know, and we’ll make it happen!

Final Thoughts

Even if you decide not to do some cherry blossom engagement photos, I’d still love to hear from you! I know every single wedding, engagement, or elopement is unique and precious. There’s nothing I love more than helping to bring those moments to life for couples like you to treasure forever. 

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