Leesburg Virginia Senior Portraits


August 12, 2020

What do you get when you combine summer Virginia light, golden urban tones, and a high school senior who dresses like a star and holds herself like a model? You get Jackie’s senior session — and I’m slightly obsessed. From the moment I snapped the first frame, I started giggling to myself, because I knew it was gonna be a GOOD DAY with Jackie in front of the camera. Plus, there’s just something about high school seniors in this season that made this session even more special. Can I get an amen? There must be magic in the water you all are drinking.  I don’t know about you all, but I hardly knew how to put on makeup in high school! No joke. I STILL need to watch youtube videos in attempt to keep up. Where’s this magic river, ladies? Because you’re all swimming in different water than I did in high school, haha. Is it a potion? Two drops of gorgeous… a pinch of fabulous… a spoonful of style… If it is, I am absolutely going to continue taking tips from you!

Jackie, from the minute we met at Bianca’s wedding, I couldn’t wait to start working with you. I smiled every time you did, because how could I not? Your smile is infectious IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE infectious. Keep spreading it all around. Good luck in college this fall. I hope that your future is every bit as bright as you are in these photographs. Here’s a little sampling of our evening together…

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