Snow Engagement Photos Travis and Courtney


February 17, 2021

As I was driving home from this “once in a lifetime” snow engagement session, three words came to mind when thinking about this amazing couple:




Genuine came to mind first because I realized, I felt immediately so relaxed with how such welcoming, honest, and kind they were! They truly made today such a breeze. From finding the location to communication and more!

Fun is the other word that came to thought because they truly embraced the snowy, slippery atmosphere and rolled with it! Not every person would find jumping over rocks 🪨 and running through the woods 🌲 to be enjoyable! They really did! And so did I!

Finally, the word calming came to my mind too. This is not one I use often, but there are just certain people in life that have the gift of expressing so much excitement and joy – while also bringing calm “energy” into every room/space. It truly is a gift. Maybe I’m the only one who sees it, but I doubt it!

I think these two are a powerful, beautiful, calming, genuine, and fun couple. A love like that doesn’t happen every day! I’m so grateful I had the honor of capturing a few memories of their season of engagement today. You two are such a perfect fit for each other! I can’t wait to photograph your next adventure…your wedding at Willowbrook!!!🤍

Snow Engagement Photos

Travis & Courtney

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