Spring Wedding at Rosemont Manor


April 15, 2021

When I think back on my life before photography, I just never could’ve imagined what a blessing it would be. And I’m not talking about the business. I’m not talking about the clicking of the shutter, the capturing of memories, the living out of dreams (even though all those things are great).

In fact, the most unexpected blessing that came from me picking up the camera has nothing to do with photography. Nothing to do with business. And everything to do with people.

If I never picked up the camera, I would’ve missed out on some of the most life-giving, cherished relationships of my life. Because it was through the photography world that I have been introduced to friends that I now can’t imagine doing life without. AND it has allowed me to celebrate and deepen relationships I already had!

everything to do with people

One of those people for me is Alexa. I met her years ago.. Actually I am not sure if it was just after high school or later on, but since then, she been a continual blessing in my life. Some seasons I get to see her more often and others we connect occasionally, but anytime I am with her I am blessed.

Alexa is truly one of the most empathetic and trustworthy people I have ever met. I have always felt so safe with her! She’s been an incredible example of faith, strength and grace. So with all that in mind, you can imagine how excited I was when she told me she was engaged!

I knew I had to meet the man who won her heart. And wow, I had no idea how impressed I would be at how Casey was truly the perfect fit for Alexa. It was such a fun, HOT, July 4th when we got pizza, talked about their love story and discussed wedding plans. I feel so thankful to have them both so close by (we live minutes from each other now), AND honored that I got to photograph their wedding!

I knew I had to meet the man who won her heart.

You might remember Alexa and Casey’s Great Falls Engagement Session from last year. Oh what a year it was to be engaged. These two weathered many wedding changes in 2020, including a rescheduled date and I’m sure a bunch of things I didn’t even hear about along the way. Despite it all, they remained so grateful & sweet. Hearing from Casey on the way out that wedding day, he said how much he loved having their wedding day as a married couple (since they had a small ceremony earlier.) To me it felt like they were officially getting married for the first time ever, but they were also so relaxed, so comfortable and joy-filled, that I understood what he was referring to. We all kept saying how much fun the whole day had been. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Alexa and Casey, you two shine bright on your own, but your wedding day made me realize how brilliantly you shine together. Congrats!

The Creative Team –

Dress: Ashley Grace Bridal https://ashleygracebridal.com/

Venue: Rosemont Manor https://rosemont1811.com/

Catering: Santmier Catering https://www.santmiercatering.com/

Videography: Hoang Pham https://www.hoangphamfilms.com/

Want to check out their wedding video? Click this link to see it all come to life!

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